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Clearance Scissor Lift Wheels

*May have minor defects / paint issues
*Limited Stock Available - so call to check availability
*Minimum order values & quantities may apply

Part Number Description / Size Special Price
100100840 323x100 Scissor Lift Wheel (JLG) £55.00 ea
100100894 406x125 Scissor Lift Wheel (JLG) £85.00 ea
132284 16x5x12 Scissor Lift Wheel W/Brake (Skyjack) £65.00 ea
132285 16x5x12 Scissor Lift Wheel Front (Skyjack) £60.00 ea
OTR Part No Description Price Comments
P21582 NL HR12 NM ASSEMBLY £300.00 MOQ 4
T891010165 SKS-1 R4 £75.00 MOQ 4
T891212165 SKS-1 R4 £95.00 MOQ 4
TR1590426100012EU 26x10-12 PROTERRAIN £60.00 E MARK UTV
TR1590426100014EU 26x10-14 PROTERRAIN £60.00 E MARK UTV
TR1560418850R8 18X8.50-8 4PR TEE MASTER RADIAL £17.50 ADD WHEEL £10.00
TR9604136506 13X6.50-6 4PR MOTO £8.50 DIXIE CHOPPER
TR9604156008 15X6.00-8 4PR MOTO £10.50 DIXIE CHOPPER
D3040827105015 27x10.50-15 SKS R4 £65.00 MOQ 4
D3040827105015NM 27x10.50-15 SKS R4 NM £95.00 MOQ 4
TR5122385012 23X8.50-12 R4 12PR ROADSTONE £48.65 MOQ 4
TR120062580012 25X8.00-12 TOMAHAWK £44.98 10 heavy duty
TR1200625100012 25X10.00-12 TOMAHAWK £55.18 10 heavy duty